Discover a new way to read!

With Parembole, the reading finally get to the modern times.

Parembole change the way you read!

The slamming of a door, the video of a speech, a clock ticking, more than fifteen kinds of modules guide you along your reading and enhance it to dive in a total immersion! Discover a panel of unique features to share a social and interactive experiment never seen before and a proximity with the author unequaled.



The sound of some footsteps, a map of the town, a satelitte view, the pictures the hero just took... With more than fifteen way to enhance the stories, reading will never be the same!



You love sharing a movie with your friends? Why not a book? Check their progress and share your favorite moments with them.



You can't remember who that character is? Why the hero is coming back to that place? Find at any times the infos and dynamic summary to stop missing any details.



With their own notes and comments, authors has never been that closed to their readers! Never miss a reference or an ester egg again!

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