Discover a new way to read

Parembole offers a new way to read, more interactive, more captivating and more social!


Did you ever think while reading a book how great it would be to see what the character is seeing? To hear the song he is listening? Get some details about the place he lives?
We did! That's why we decided to create Parembole to fix that!
It begins with an American symbologist running through the Louvre Museum, describing this painting or this sculpture. By this time, the only way to check if there is a woman on The Last Supper was to hope the dictionary's article will be illustrated with a reproduction, or plug internet and wait for the connection to ask Altavista.
Few years later, the Stark was leaving Winterfell to lose themselves in the thousands of pages of Game Of Thrones, but quickly the name of some squire or the lord of that castle escaped you.

The beginning of the story

Today, the digital reading is more and more common with the multiplication of E-readers, but the lack of new features is obvious. That's why we created Parembole.
So how to modernize the reading?
Whitout any real novelties since the hypertext link, the reading can be enhanced and become more captivating!
We designed and developed the most pertinent modules to reach that goal. With more than fifteen way to improve the stories like the maps, the clocks or the author's comments, Parembole will be with you along your journey to make you live a brand new reading experience!

Not convinced yet?

Catch a selection of the features

Let's get a glimpse at what is Parembole!


Reader's side

  • Read easily on every supports
  • Get definitions of any word in any text
  • Share easily your favorites quotes and best readings on social networks
  • See the progression of your friend as you read to talk about your reading without spoiling them
  • Get your reading back on any device thanks to the automatic save of your progression
  • Let yourself be guided in an unexpected journey and discover a new way to read

Author's side

  • Tell stories in a brand new format available on every support (mobile, tablet...)
  • Catch a wider audience with an interactive media
  • Link texts in different languages to give the appropriate one to each reader
  • Build your chapters normally and a dynamic table of content will be generated automatically
  • Get readings' analytics about your texts to understand your readers and your success